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The dog of Leonberg vol. 2

A second beginning, period 1945-1978.

Article code: HL02

The dog of Leonberg vol. 2

After WW II again the small population Leonbergers was seriously damaged. Slowly the breed recovers, first in Germany, followed later by France and Holland.

  • Again the number of Leonbergers had strongly declined.
  • Mutual disputes hinder te reconstruction.
  • Lack of cooperation between the Leonberger Clubs.
  • The founding of the International Leonberger Union
Chapter 1 The collapse  
Chapter 2 Onwards and Upwards 
Chapter 3 Confusions surrounding the standard
Chapter 4 The Leonberger as a working dog 
Chapter 5 New Impetus for the Gene Pool  
Chapter 6 Christian Hess, a person of distinction 
Chapter 7 Leonbergers in the Public Eye 
Chapter 8 The Champions  
Chapter 9 Recapitulation and Conclusion 

Dimensions 17 x 24 cm., hard cover,  
320 pages, of which 48 in full colour, 393 illustrations.
Languages: English, French, German and Dutch.


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